Leah Todd

Senior Legal Worker

Leah Todd is a Senior Legal Worker at the Center for Constitutional Rights, where she works on issues related to international human rights, First Amendment principles and suppression of dissent, gender and LGBTQIA+ justice, and anti-militarism. Leah also manages the Center for Constitutional Rights' term-time internship and volunteer programs, and co-hosts the Center for Constitutional Rights podcast, The Activist Files. She has worked on cases and projects including Al Shimari v. CACI, challenging torture by military contractors; amicus and advocacy efforts to protect the rights of queer and trans people; the Right to Heal Initiative, seeking accountability and reparations for U.S. militarism in Iraq; advocacy in support of Palestinian rights and related cases Silber v. AirbnbAwad v. Fordham UniversityDavis v. CoxBronner v. Duggan, and Salaita v. KennedyGulino v. Board of Education of the City of New York, challenging discrimination against Black and Latinx New York City teachers; and advocacy to halt U.S. deportations of Haitians following the 2010 earthquake.

Leah previously worked at the Rubin Museum of Art and the Law Office of Rankin & Taylor. Both within and outside her work at the Center for Constitutional Rights, Leah believes in imagining creative strategies to counter violence – from large-scale militarism to interpersonal conflict – from a transformative justice framework that challenges the violence and the structural conditions that allow the violence to occur. She has worked towards building cultures of accountability and safety as a member of Support New York, a collective that provided community-based responses to sexual assault and intimate partner violence, and through other projects. She is also a member of the art and advocacy initiative NYC Street Memorial Project and has facilitated Know Your Rights trainings for community groups. Leah graduated from Columbia University with a focus in English and Comparative Literature, Gender Studies, and Creative Writing.