Since the prison opened in 2002, CCR has been at the forefront of the legal battle against indefinite detention and torture at Guantánamo, representing many current and former detainees. We sent one of the first civilian lawyers to the base; organized a network of hundreds of lawyers (the “GITMO bar”) to represent the men detained there; and won landmark Supreme Court cases that established U.S. court jurisdiction over the prison and affirmed detainees’ right to habeas corpus review. Nearly 800 Muslim men and boys were thrown into this island prison designed to exist beyond the rule of law; today, dozens are still there, the majority of them never charged with a single crime. Several others were cleared for release by the U.S. government itself, yet remain trapped there by bureaucratic inaction and politics. The detainees’ future is more uncertain than ever under the Trump administration, which has also vowed to resume sending prisoners to Guantánamo. Through a combination of strategic litigation, advocacy with the U.S. and foreign governments and international human rights bodies, and creative public education efforts focused on highlighting the stories of our clients, we continue working tirelessly to secure their freedom and close Guantánamo. 

Center for Constitutional Rights filed the first major legal challenge to Trump's Guantanamo policy on behalf of men who have been imprisoned without charge or trial, most for nearly 15 years or more. The court has ordered the government to respond.
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