Trans Woman: 'I've Been Sexually Assaulted 14 Times in Georgia Prison'

December 11, 2020

...Diamond was returned to prison in October 2019 because of a parole violation, and she has found that conditions have not changed, according to the Center for Constitutional Rights, which is representing her in the new suit along with the Southern Poverty Law Center. SPLC handled the original one.

Serving in two men’s prisons over the past year, she has been sexually assaulted at least 14 times by other inmates and prison staff, including four assaults by different people over three days, her suit says. A day before she moved into a dorm at the second facility, “an officer called a dormitory-wide meeting and announced Ms. Diamond’s transgender status, disclosing confidential medical information and describing her as ‘a freak,’ ‘he,’ and ‘it,’” says a press release from the Center for Constitutional Rights. “Shortly after this meeting, Ms. Diamond was — predictably — assaulted.” She also has been denied treatment again, leading her to attempt self-castration and suicide, according to the suit. ...

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December 11, 2020