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News: Take Action — Black trans lives matter

Take Action - Black trans lives matter

Ashley Diamond

"We can no longer sit as we become extinct. I want to believe in the triumph of human spirit. That there are people who find this unacceptable,” said Ashley Diamond, a Black, transgender, social justice and prisoners’ rights activist currently incarcerated at Coastal State Prison in Georgia.

Please join us in taking action by writing a message of solidarity to Ashley to show her she is not alone. You can submit your message on our website.

Ashley has endured repeated sexual assault, harassment, and denial of critical health care while housed in a men’s facility. Her landmark victory against the Georgia Department of Corrections made national headlines in 2016, but she was re-imprisoned as a result of a technical parole violation, and is experiencing the same abuse.

We have repeatedly advocated for Ashley’s safety and care, but her situation is dire and urgent, and she needs your support. Your words mean a great deal, and will let Ashley know that she has a community of supporters who believe that Black Trans Lives Matter, including — and especially — those who are incarcerated, and that she deserves safety, care, and love.

We're building on our historical roots in the South -- and hiring a lead attorney!

text reads we're hiring

As we acknowledge the profound challenges posed by COVID-19 and the conflicts we are confronting across the country, dedicated staff members from across our organization have been hard at work to lay the groundwork for our newest initiative: the Center for Constitutional Rights Southern Regional Office. The office and its staff will operate from Jackson, Mississippi providing support and partnership across the entirety of the South. While we continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on workplace safety, it is our plan to open this regional office in 2021.

We have officially launched our search for candidates to join us as the first staff position in our Southern Regional Office: Senior Managing Attorney. This person will act as the lead attorney to anchor the expansion of the regional office, play a pivotal role in shaping and leading our social justice litigation and advocacy presence in the South, and help build the power of Southern regional movements to fight white supremacy and other forms of oppressive power. Once fully staffed, the office in Jackson will be home to lawyers and advocates who will offer our model of movement lawyering and advocacy to the most pressing challenges we face in the South. We are so honored and elated to be making this announcement, which has been in the making for quite some time now.

Please share this exciting opportunity with your networks, and head to our website to apply.


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October 19, 2020